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(so how many do YOU have?) 

  • Have you ever wondered why certain people are more successful?
  • Personality and behavioural expert, Lynn Anderton, has revealed why
  • Ten traits – including perfectionism to bloody mindedness – are to thank

Every office has one: that high-flying employee who knows the answer to every question and takes home more than everyone else as a result.

And if you’ve ever wondered what their secrets to success are, a personality and behavioural expert has revealed these people all share ten vital traits.

From perfectionism to bloody mindedness, Lynn Anderton of, shares the ten personality traits that highly successful and high earners share. So how many of them do you possess?

  1. Forethought:Lynn says that the ability to plan ahead is one of the main behavioural traits of successful people. However, whilst they’re busy mapping out the future, they often forget to look at what’s going on in the present, which can be a disability within business. So, she says it’s important to focus on the present, too.
  2. Perfectionism:High-flyers are more often than not perfectionists and will spend a great deal of time ensuring that everything is perfect. The successful people are the ones who put a huge amount of detail into their work and never make mistakes.
  3. Passion: They say you have to love what you do and having passion for your day job is great for driving a project. Successful people are the ones who rarely complain about their job and throw everything they have into it with a smile – no matter how badly things are going.
  4. Consistency:Lynn says that this is a key trait of successful people. They never have an off day and even if they do, they don’t show it. ‘This is hugely valued in the working world because it shows a level of security,’ she said.
  5. Reliability:Like consistency, good employees are always reliable, which Lynn says is a must at maintaining business contacts and sales. 
  6. Motivation:Much like having passion for what you do, Lynn says that motivated people are the ones who will succeed over others. ‘It helps to maintain a level of self-confidence even when things aren’t going well,’ she said. 
  7. Balanced thinking:The guru also believes that having balanced thinking is essential and it stops employees from burning out.
  8. Clear communicator:Ideal for presenting to clients and fellow colleagues, Lynn says that being a clear communicator is great for saving time in business. 
  9. Self-control:This personality trait, says Lynn, helps to maintain equilibrium when there’s lots of options to consider.
  10. Bloody mindedness: Both a blessing and a curse, Lynn says that bloody mindedness is common among successful people. ‘This can be a hindrance or a help,’ she said. ‘As sometimes in business you have an urge to just keep going with something because it’s “your baby”, which can cost you money or you know that you’re in in for the long term so something will pay off.


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