Now people, there are some hobbies that can make you some money!  Many hobbies can earn you money if you are good at them.  Take advantage of something you enjoy doing and make some money from it.  Don’t overlook your hobbies.

Here’s a list:

1. Photography: This is a great way to make extra cash if you love photography.  You could sell your photos at art galleries, boutiques, fairs, local markets or be the main photographer at events, for example as a wedding photographer or at a graduation.  Do find out about copyright laws regarding your photos.  That is what your really want, and if you are good, family and friends will call you next time they are having a function.   How about selling your photos to sites like Shutterstock or Flickr and earn money by selling to these sites?

2. Computer Repair: Do you know about repairing computer hardware?  There is money to be made in this as there are not a lot of computer repairers as there were years ago.  You can put an ad on sites like Craiglist.

3. Writing: If writing is a passion for you, then you can become a freelance reporter for websites, magazines or newspapers, especially if you have a particular area of interest, vintage planes for example.  Or you can offer your service to sites like ‘People per hour’ for your service or Fiverr.

4. Graphic Design:  If you enjoy graphic designing, then there is definitely a market for you; try and look at ’99Designs.com’, they are a good place to start.  This is a competitive market but there is always room for some more as people decide to be their own boss more.

5. Fitness: If you are into personal training, and you have a good physique to show for it, then you can easily become a personal trainer; generally people like one to one support, when it comes to learning and would not mind paying extra for your service.  It could be swimming, running etc… Go ask if there is any vacancy at your local gyms or fitness clubs.  There are certificates to help you get qualified but they are not hard if you love fitness.

6. Creating and Editing Videos: With the raise of sites like YouTube and thousands of people becoming video bloggers, editing video is becoming quite popular.  New music bands also are looking for someone who can help create and edit their music videos.  How about teaching people how to video edit, at your local college or six form school.

7. Carpentry: If you have skills for building and repairing furniture, then start offering your service to people around you.  Or are you able to repair antique furniture?  If yes, there is definitely work waiting for you out there.

8. Sports: If you are good at sports, then you can look into coaching at a local school, sports clubs in your vicinity or offer your talent at your local YMCA, in the area of football or basket ball.  How about looking at what it takes to become a referee?

9. Auto mechanics: If you are good with cars, yours or that of your family members, co-workers and friends, then it is time for you to start offering your services to other people and getting paid.  You could become a mobile mechanic, who will go to your client and repair their car on the spot.  If you are able to repair and replace basic stuff like break pads, whippers, oil, add water, then there is money waiting for you.

10. Blogging: Do you enjoy writing?  If yes and you usually have an opinion about something or you have an expertise in a particular area, how about blogging about it?  It could be about the city you live in, knowledge about plants and flowers available during each season, cars, travel etc…You can earn money by selling ads on your site.

11. Painting: If you enjoy and like painting, well start offering your services to people who are close to you and take it from there.

12. Teaching music: If you are good at playing an instrument, the piano, drum, violin, guitar, flute, then turn it to teaching sessions at your local community hall or church hall and charge for it. Or you can organise after school group classes or private lessons at your home.  Most importantly, make your rate competitive.  You can help children as well as adults wanting to learn to play an instrument.

13. Web design: Are you good at helping people design their website?  Start with designing your site and then offer your services to your friends and word of mouth spreads that way. People are interested in getting someone ro help them with their websites, as they lack the time.

14. Social media:  Do you know a lot about all the various social media outlets? Facebook, tumblr, Pinset, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Goggle + etc… there there is work to be done in this area.  Small businesses are looking for someone like you to help put their business on the social media world in terms of promoting their business.  If you know about this, then you can advertise your service as a social media manager or social media management services.

15. Comedy: DO people laugh at your jokes, or say to you that you make them laugh, then it is time for you to turn your hobby into money.  There are comedy clubs all around and you should be able to register with a few.

16. Crafts: Do you enjoy making things with your hands?  Cards, rings, jewellery, knitting, cushions, clothes, bags, purses, hats, caps, keyrings, scarves, wraps, sewing, etc… If you know that people complement your creations, then have cards printed, go to your local Farmers’ market or set up a Facebook page for your business.

17. Session musician: If you are good at playing an instrument, then there are bands out there looking for someone to play an instrument that you enjoy to play and that way, you become a session player or a session performer.  Look out for classified ads of bands or orchestras looking for a session musician.

18. Personal shopper: If you enjoy shopping, then why don’t you help busy mums, busy city executives or the elderly to do their shopping.  This could be helping someone pick the right outfit for a costume party; helping a senior citizen go to the pharmacy or helping someone with their groceries shopping.

19. Dog walker: Do you like pets?  How about being a dog walker and taking care of other people’s pet?  Or you could look after other people’s pets when they went away for the night/weekend or on holidays but they don’t want their pet to go to a home.

20. Baking: Do you enjoy baking or cooking?  Then you can bake for family and friends when they are having a party.  Or you can take your cakes to your local Farmers’ market and have a plate of sample ready and your printed cards too.

21. Cleaning: If you enjoy cleaning or organising someone else’ mess, then this too can earn you money.  Go and speak to your local estate agents about helping out when new clients move into their new homes and need that extra pair of hands to help them unpack and clean up.

22. Flower arrangement: If you love flower arranging and you are creative enough to create bespoke designs with it, how about starting your small business.  My advice is to tell you to start by doing the flower arrangements at a friend’s event or party.

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