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What is a mental block?

A mental block is one’s inability to focus or you find what you are about to do something daunting and so you do nothing.  These experiences are normal, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re stuck in a rut.

Instead of trying to power through these complicated and often conflicting feelings, consider the following four effective ways to surpass mental blocks.

Take a walk let the fresh air blow the cobwebs out of your mind. Deep breaths will send in lots of oxygen to your lungs which in turn refreshes the mind.

Step one: Identify why you need a change

Write down what comes to your mind, before long, you will have written something that makes sense and your ideas will come alive in front of you.

When your mind is clear, thoughts flow in and out and you know exactly what needs to be done. And, it gets done just the way you visualized it to.

Step two: Get rid of feelings not in harmony with your goals

Our thoughts govern our attitudes and, therefore, the actions we take. If you work on improving the quality of your thoughts you improve your ability to take action.

Shift from negative thoughts such as “I can’t reach my goal because it will take too long” to “My goal is taking longer than expected, so I need to adjust my schedule accordingly.”

Step three: Visualise

This is important, visualise how life would be for you and your family when you achieve your goal; visualise going to speak to stake holders and seeing them nodding and smiling at what you are saying; visualise you driving that new car.  

You have to keep your motivation strong in order to achieve your goals and it helps get rid of the mental blocks.

Step four: Power of the subconscious

“I can do it” should be your first mantra. Let your subconscious mind teach you to listen to your own thoughts. Positive thinking and a systematic approach will help regain your balance.

Your conscious mind is telling that you have reached the mountain you cannot climb. However, your subconscious mind does not accept it and somewhere you feel, “it’s not that bad” and there you have your first positive thought. Catch that thought, don’t let it slip away and work with it. Let the other thoughts following this come alive.

We have 12 months, let’s try and do the things that we want to do and let us try and make things happen for ourselves and other around us.  


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