I heard someone say that ‘it is rewarding to take a chance on yourself’. And I thought, how true!  What have you got to loose?  If you decide that you want to do something new, well only you can.  You don’t really have to seek permission from anyone but yourself.  And when you take that step and change and you succeed, well all else becomes history.

Say, you have a specific skill set in painting, but you want to become an electrician; who says you cant change your career now and do something new?  Or you are a music teacher and want to become a nurse.  Or you are an administrator and want to work as a call handler.  Or you are a postman and want to become a chef.  Or you are a lawyer and want to become a trader.  These are all examples of course.  My point is this, you can decide to do something new now.  

What you need to do is to sit down and write down your transferable skills.  If they are more than you not having any experience in your potentially new field, then go for it.  

Your new employers or managers want to see an enthusiastic person, who has no experience but is willing to work hard and learn fast, they will give you an opportunity to prove yourself.

Remember this, attitude is key. 

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