No more self doubts

No more self doubts

When you are job hunting it is very easy to want to give up or to listen to that voice inside you, telling you negative stuff.  What you need to do is challenge your self-doubts.

If you keep listening to that negative internal voice, you will only hear discouraging things saying ‘you are not smart, you cannot make it happen, you cannot get that job, you are so dumb, you can’t do anything right, you are slow, you are not talented, you are not as smart as… etc

I’m here to tell you that until you change your internal dialogue, you will never reach your full potential in life and especially in your career; you will never become all that you have been created to be. 

When you get up in the morning, there are already a lot of things against you, don’t be against yourself.  A lot of people are ready to criticize you and be against you, don’t do be your own enemy.

Don’t look at how far you still need to go but look at how far you have come on this journey.   Look in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘I’m smart, I’m confident, I’m well able, I can do this, I’m well liked, I’m talented, I’m fun to be around, I’m disciplined, I learn new things fast, I’m focused, I’m accepted, I’m equipped, I’m empowered’.  Keep repeating this to yourself, until that internal negative voice disappears.  This is not about you bragging but it is about you repositioning yourself to a place where you can achieve that you thought you could not achieve career wise.  Get your internal voice to start going in the direction that you are taking in the physical.

If you want to be victorious in what you set your hands to do, then you will have to ignore some things and not allowing your internal negative voice to dominate and tell you are not able to do something.

Be positive to yourself, no more self doubts, no more self criticism.

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