Fear your fears in 2016

Fear your fears in 2016

Yes, this year, its about pursuing what is yours and taking it with confidence.  You cannot keep on feeling sorry for yourself. Whatever your fears are, you need to face them and move towards your desired career goals assurance.

Employers are laying off a lot of their permanent staff off because it is cheaper to employ agency staff, in terms of paying their dues than having a permanent staff  who will need to have their holidays and being sick paid for.

I know its tough!  I have been there and know what it is like but I want to encourage you that you will need to face your fears in 2016 and be resolute in your career goal.  Its called taking a chance on yourself.  If you don’t, nobody will.  As you are looking for a full time job, think about a part-time business you could start on the side.  Or as you are doing a part-time job, think  of a full time business that you can do.

Trust in your employability, your quality as a good employee and your self-reliance.  These qualities will continue to work for you.  I know the job market is quite competitive and that new employers would rather employ a young person, that they can manipulate and push around instead of having someone who has experience like you and I.  But still, you have to be convinced in yourself, recognise that you have a lot to offer your future clients, the world or your new employer/s.

Believing in yourself is a strong thing.  You have to keep pushing and knocking on the closed door of employment in front of you till it opens.  It’s all about your confidence in yourself.  Get rid of fear and absorb, breath in tenacity, you will need it.

They say if you think you can, you will because no pain, no gain.



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