Building the confidence necessary to take failure in stride isn’t easy. And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Like all great habits, you have to put in the time and effort to build a daily practice of confidence-building actions. 
Check out the ideas below to discover why failure is not final…

1. Time is the greatest teacher.

“The more experiences and time you have dealing with those situations, the thicker your skin will get because you will see a pattern to what is happening and understand more about why these situations occur.  It has helped me to face numerous situations that seemed horrible at the time to increase my resilience.” —John Rampton

2. Remind yourself that you’re bound to get better.

Don’t get down on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s the next opportunity that matters, not the previous one. The previous one matters only in that you must learn from your mistakes. But the next one gives you the opportunity to show that you have learned from your mistakes. Keep trying until.

3. Failing forces us to make important life decisions.

Success demands a forfeit of short-term comfort and satisfaction. Which means that the long-term outcome better be worth all that sacrifice. Failure brings clarity. And you should change your path if it is not the right one. The longer you stay on it, the longer it will take to find your true destiny.

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