Now that you have been made redundant from your job of ten years or more; or you are now ready to look for a new career in life, for whatever reason – welcome to a new and fresh start. Sometimes, it is actually a relief when the job is no more because by the time it gets to the final months, the atmosphere at work is uncertain and can be stressful.

Like I said in my last post, give yourself a break and have a Kit Kat.  Just kidding….

What I mean is do try and go away abroad on holidays and if you cannot afford to go abroad, then leave the city you are in and go to another city.  But do go away, go to somewhere that you like and have been before or to somewhere that you have always wanted to go to and never been to.

Seriously, do go away on holidays because when you come back, there will be a lot to do and a lot to consider and a lot to learn and a lot to comprehend.

Do I see you saying to yourself, ‘come on then, let’s book that holiday’.  Or are you already speaking to your travel agent?  Or are you looking at holiday website to see what is out there? Whatever you want to do or wherever you want to go, do it and go for it.

It’s your life, go away and clear your head and your mind.  You deserve it and owe it to yourself to go on that holiday.

The fresh start that you have been waiting for starts now and it starts with you.

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