I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by the above the title?  Could it be that your CV could be stopping you from getting a job?

Remember, I have told you that all that I write about in this blog, I have personal experience of it.

Sometimes, it is best to perhaps give your CV to a professional to help you with what is important and what potential employers are looking for.  This would cost you money of course, but I am sure that it would be money well spent.

You CV should not be more than two sides of A4 pages and as such, you will need to put the jobs that you have done, that will get you an interview.  If you have done various jobs, it is important, that you streamline your experience and tailor your CV to attract the employer or employment agent.

Also in terms of education and training or courses, do not put everything down, only put down what is relevant.  They don’t need to know that you have been on a presentation course, if you are looking for a call centre work.  Now that course will be important if you are applying for a job as a presenter, journalist or reporter for a TV or Radio station for example.

So, be very careful, your future employer do not need to know what is not relevant to their job. Only highlight the jobs that you have done, that will be an advantage to your future employer.

Regarding your employment history or work experience, relate the skills that your future employer is looking for to the jobs that you have done and twig your CV that way.  Make sure that you use some of the skills that they say they are looking for in your CV and application form.  This is very important as some companies have technical software to search for the words in the skills section, that they are looking for in a future employee’s CV or application form.  Showcase your achievement.

Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for.  Use your spell checker on your computer or laptop.

Don’t give up, the best is yet to come.

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