I worked for a international media company for over two decades and when the recession was going on and departments were merging or closing, I lost my job, BAM! No more daily routine of going to work; don’t get me wrong I loved it at first, the idea that I could travel and go away for three weeks or more, without having to worry about asking my line manager if it was ok to take 2 or 3 weeks off work; or find out if no one else was on holidays at the time and all other office politics that go on, when all what you want to do is go away on holidays into the sunshine.

Can you relate?

In my excitement of a new tomorrow, honestly, I really did not sit and make a five years plan properly.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I had a plan, but it did not work as I planned it. Now, four years later, with age, I look back not with regret but with a different outlook on what I did.

I hope that with my benefit of experience, you will allow me to guide you in your journey of self-discovery or in your journey of another chance to do something that you like and love, career-wise.

This is your time for a new beginning.  Don’t make any rash decisions, if you are able to do so, go away on holidays, just get away and clear your mind of the fear of the unknown.  Its the end of your time at that company but be optimistic because it is equally the beginning of something new for you.

Don’t give up on yourself, believe in your abilities to move forward with your life.

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