How is your job hunting go?  I did say to you at the onset that you can find a new career didn’t I?  You can and you will.  Keep a positive mental attitude, even if it is hard.

I know you can because I have had people tell me how they were able to pave a new career for themselves after being with a company for a decade or more.  It might be a difficult task but it is not an impossible one.
No matter what is going on with you, be rest assured that your time will come.  That new career that you are waiting for is coming to you.  But you will need to look for it.  There is no need to bemoan your lot in life and think about how hard it is.  If you truly want this new career that you have been dreaming of, then only you can take that first step towards the direction of where that career is.
It really does not matter if what you want to do is very different to what you used to do.  You can pave a new career for yourself and only you can make it happen.  I always believe in doing my research.  Try and find out on the internet everything that you can about this career.  I mean, if there are a lot of negatives about the job, it is better to be well informed and then if you still want to go for it, then  GO!
So, do I see you on your laptop or computer?  Are you searching ‘how to become a nurse?  Or ‘how to become a plumber?’  Or ‘how to become a florist?’  Or ‘how to become a landscape artist?’ Or ‘how to start a cleaning business?’  And the list goes on….   

Whatever you want to do, go ahead, find out about it and go for it.  It’s your life, so don’t allow society or people around you to dictate how to go about looking for what you want to do.

The time is now.  
Keep your dreams to yourself and take that bold step of action.

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