I know, we have been rushed off our feet for a while, I have constantly bombarded you with so much information and you are overwhelmed and tired.  I understand.

Yes, there is a lot to do and a lot to process. I know, I have been there but the thing with my situation was that there was no one to hold my hands and as such, it was much difficult, I mean, I did not know where to turn to and where to look with precision.

So, even though this is work of a different nature, how about you give yourself some time off for a few days and go through what you have found out about yourself and also have fun, meet up with an old friend or friends or just chill and relax.

Again, that is the beauty of planning a 2nd career, enjoy the ride and the process.

How about you go to the beach?  Is there one near you?  Or go to a high street that is very far from you?  A farmer’s market maybe?  Take a bus ride to the next town and go exploring.

What I have found out when feeling this way is that it is best to go out and keep busy and do some activities. Do not just go for a walk, as you will come back feeling sorry for yourself. Believe me, I have been there.

So,think about some exciting stuff that you can do and plan something for the next few days, just to take your mind off your situation.

No matter what you do, enjoy yourself!

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