Have you considered maybe going back into the job market part-time?  In this day and age, the workplace is very different to what it used to be when you were first employed by your ex employer 10 or more years ago, maybe getting back into the work environment working part-time or doing a job share is a way to get your foot through the door.

If you look for work in the hospitality industry for example, let’s say hotels, you might not be able to get a full-time job right away but you could apply for part-time work.  As a part-time staff, you will be seen as flexible and a 24 hrs a week job, a 3 days a week job could in time, sometimes within a matter of months become a full time position.

The benefit of working part-time is that it gives you the opportunity to test the water, as it were; and see if the new sector you are working in is one you would like to continue to work in, in the long term. Working part-time, means you will need to show committed to learn right from the onset.  What job sector have you always fancied working in, when you were working full-time.?

Lao Tzu – A journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.

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