If like me, you have worked for over two decades in a company, going back to my ex company as a temp there was not an option. I had people asking ‘why don’t you go back?’  I generally tend to ignore the questions.  As a result, it meant, I had to re-train and go into another field.  Luckily for me, I had done a lot of volunteering work even when I was working full-time and this helped me move to another sector.

What area would you like to retrain in?  What do you want to become?  A nurse, a teacher, a teaching assistant, (with less responsibility in school and in class), a lab technician, a pharmacist, a comedian, a singer, an artist and the list is endless…Do you want to become a painter, a plumber, a tiler?  Are there jobs available in the area that you want to retrain in?  What is the job market like for that job sector or industry?  Will you be able to afford to pay for the training?

If you want to re-train and work in hospitality for example, the companies look for people with the right attitude and a commitment to customer service.  Nowadays, companies want people who can land on their feet and showcase their transferable skills.

Again, it is about doing your research and finding out if you can get your training paid for by the government or by the company.  I know that if you wanted to become a social worker in the past, a local authority could sponsor and pay for your course.  Not sure if this is still the case but worth finding out.  The same also goes to wanting to become a teacher.  There is still financial aid available but you will need to dedicate time and effort to find and get it.

Go to your local library, they might be able to point you in the right direction, ask questions, send emails and make phone calls.  Or is this a course that you can do online?  Might be cheaper if you are paying.  Check out the Open University website.  Do not start anything without doing your research.  It does help in the long run.

If you are contemplating re-training, stop and pause.  What other option is available to you?  If none, go for it.

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