Maybe, you do not want to make a plan immediately and would rather work for an employment agency and work a few days a week.  In essence, you would be earning money and use the two or three days at your disposal to make a plan about your desire job.

The thing about employment agencies is that they are no longer visible on your high street.  I remember decades ago, when employment agencies were on the hight street.  Now you have to register with most of them online.

Do a Google search on ‘top employers in media’ for example, or (choose the sector or field that you would like to work in and type it in); then open another window and put these companies in one at a time, check their website out and look at their vacancies or job section, in order to see what is available.

Or you can also, do a Google search on ‘top recruitment agencies in media’ and again you could type in the city you want to work in and change the word to whatever your sector is or area of expertise is.

Nowadays, there is a lot of flexible working available, from job share to term times only or weekends only or late nights shifts etc…

Are you nervous? Don’t be.Your life is in your hands, start doing your online search.

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