This post is very important as it’s another thing that I found out the hard way…

Yes, I know that I have talked about you about the virtues of voluntary work and I meant everything I wrote down about it.

However, if part-time work is available for you do take it.  It is better to be doing a day’s paid work part-time than to do voluntary work of five days.

The reason is that it is nice for you to put down on your CV that you are working, albeit part-time than to put down that you are doing voluntary work.

So, do look for that part-time work that will work for you.  Yes, it might not be what you want but at least, you will be getting paid and you have your foot through the door of that company.

So when it comes to voluntary or part-time work, it is better for you to be employed and be paid.

Now go out there and do something and have your feet through the door of paid work.

It is nice for you to hope for the future than look back to the past of mundane.

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