The world’s highest-paying jobs that cause the LEAST stress



  • Researchers analysed occupations that combine high pay and low stress levels
  • Business Insider rated each job on a ‘stress tolerance’ scale from 0 to 100 
  • Top jobs all pay over £50,000, and have a stress tolerance rating of 70 or lower

By Kerry Mcdermott For Mailonline   PUBLISHED: January 2017
January is a big month for job hunting, as all the promise of a new year sees people resolving to make positive changes in their lives.

If you’re contemplating a career change of your own in 2017, you might want to consider retraining as an orthodontist, an economist or even a mathematician. 

They might sound like tricky professions, but in fact they feature on a list of jobs that combine low stress levels with substantial salaries – up to as much as $221,390 (£180,000) a year.
The list shows that careers in maths and sciences are surprisingly low on stress in comparison to other professions. 

Roles like mathematician, physicist, economist and astronomer all made the list – as did medical professions like optometrist and orthodonist.
Business Insider used the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database that gives jobs a ‘stress tolerance’ rating on a scale from zero to 100 to compile its rankings.

A lower rating indicates a less stressful job relative to other professions.

The rating takes into account how regularly workers have to accept criticism, and cope with high stress at work in an effective manner.

Business Insider used the information to compile its list of 20 jobs that all have a stress rating of 70 or less, but still come with a healthy wage packet of at least $70,000 (£50,000) per year.

Although the data was compiled by a US organisation, the salaries and stress equivalents are believed to be comparable to the UK.  


20 jobs taken from Business Insider‘s list professions that are comparitively low on stress, but still high on financial reward…

  1. Materials scientist                                 Stress tolerance rating: 53

Average annual earnings: $94,940 (£77,000)

  1. Mathematician                                       Stress tolerance rating: 57

Average annual earnings: $112,560 (£92,000) 

  1. Geographer                                             Stress tolerance rating: 58

Average annual earnings: $74,920 (£61,000)

  1. Economist                                               Stress tolerance rating: 59

Average annual earnings: £89,000 

  1. Statistician                                               Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual earnings: $84,440 (£69,000) 

  1. Physicist                                                   Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $118,500 (£97,000)

  1. Political scientist                                     Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $103,210 (£84,000)

  1. Materials engineer                                  Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $94,690 (£77,000)

  1. Biomedical engineer                               Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $91,230 (£75,000)

  1. Agricultural engineer                            Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: £64,000 

  1. Astronomer                                              Stress tolerance rating: 62

Average annual earnings: $78,490 (£90,000)

  1. Operations research analyst                 Stress tolerance rating: 63

Average annual earnings: $84,180 (£69,000)

  1. Actuary                                                     Stress tolerance rating: 64

Average annual earnings: $110,560 (£90,000)

  1. Applications software developer         Stress tolerance rating: 65

Average annual earnings: $102,160 (£84,000)

  1. Orthodonist                                              Stress tolerance rating: 67

Average annual earnings: $221,390 (£181,000) 

  1. Computer hardware engineer              Stress tolerance rating: 67

Average annual earnings: $114,970 (£94,000)

  1. Art director                                               Stress tolerance rating: 69

Average annual earnings: $101,990 (£83,000)

  1. Technical writer                                       Stress tolerance rating: 69

Average annual earnings: $73,350 (£60,000)

  1. Optometrist                                              Stress tolerance rating: 70

Average annual earnings: $115,750 (£94,000)

  1. Audiologist                                                Stress tolerance rating: 70

Average annual earnings: ($77,420) £63,000  


Happy job hunting this year everyone; we are in the job hunting race to win!



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