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Charisma – a trait I got from my late father. I have the ability to pull people in with my charisma and passion for something and share my energy in a way that transfers to them. I love this quality because it mobilizes people to take action in an area of their life they may not have thought was possible.

Neha Gupta, founder, College Shortcuts

Persistence has been key – this has helped me remain steadfast through a variety of challenges that may have deterred me if I had less tenacity. Creating a successful business is a long game and it’s easy to forget that when things get tough.

Jakki Liberman, founder, Bumkins

Memory – my ability to remember the tiniest of details allows me to come up with solutions to problems that are being overlooked. Many people forget small details about what is possible.

Laura Land, co-founder, COO and CFO, Marketplace Valet

Resilience – negative stuff is going to happen in any business you run. When you can bounce back from any issue, you will win in business.

—Erica Douglass, co-owner, VP marketing, 1Up Repairs

I listen – I like to hear everyone’s perspective and have a strong understanding of the situation before rushing to judgement. Often, I do not weigh in until the end of a meeting or even the next day. 

—Eleanor Hong, chief marketing and strategy officer, Smart & Final

Curiosity – it makes me creative, empathetic, dogged, intense, passionate and seeking. 

—Jessica Kogan, co-founder, chief digital officer, Cameron Hughes Wine

Not giving up -the ability to believe in oneself is very important if one wants to make it in life.  No matter how many lemons get thrown at me, I find a way to make lemonades and this philosophy has helped me to stay relevant in life.

—Tola Dehinde, blogger, www.howtofinda2ndcareerinyour40sandbeyond.co.uk


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