To Be Successful, Do What You Do Best

Do you what you do best

Do you what you do best

If there were some way for you to download decades of experience in the business world and sort through the individuals who have had great success bringing real products to market, you’d find something very interesting.

You’d find a lot of very competent, talented, smart, ingenious, driven people who work very hard at their jobs. And the one thing they care about most is helping to deliver groundbreaking products and services that customers prefer over the competition.

One more thing they’d all have in common: a specific area of functional expertise. Whether it’s product development, operations, marketing, finance, or an entire market, there is always one thing they do best. The same is true of nearly every successful entrepreneur you’ve ever heard of:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a coder. So is Google CEO Larry Page. So was Bill Gates.

Before and after cofounding PayPal, Peter Thiel ran hedge funds. Sure, he has a law degree, but like Warren Buffett and Charles Schwab, his expertise is in investing.

Steve Jobs was more of a marketing genius. Likewise, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz has a head for marketing.

Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook is an operations guy.

Whole Foods founding CEO John Mackey has always been into food, especially healthy food.

As for CEO Marc Benioff, as far back as high school he was all about software. by Steve Tobak

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