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As you know, I have talked about various aspects of job hunting.  However, I would like to encourage you to sit and think of how you can be your own boss.  The job market is very competitive right now and it is also cut throat.  The benefits that used to be available for newcomers at organisations over twenty years ago are no longer there.  If you are going to be working for someone else with practically no benefits, why not think of what you could do in order to be your own boss and earn some money?

A lot of company have outsourced a lot of in-house departments, as it is cheaper to run a company that way, in terms of paying all the overheads of having working staff and the cost of running an office.

What can you do? What business can you start on your own?  What do you love doing that could generate you some income?  Can’t think of anything? Let me help you:

Cake baking, snacks baking, florist, go help pick kids from schools, cleaning, elderly befriending service, mobile hairdresser, carpenter, electrician; plumber; cartoon artist; animator; voice over actor;weekend language teacher or after school language teacher, networking services, secret shopper; online internet researcher, virtual assistant, gift packager, career counsellor; mobile massager; mobile shredding service, pet taxi service; rent-a-room service, mobile exercise coach,mobile cook, temporary employment agency, messenger service, mobile shoe shiner, mobile accountant.

These are all business that you can start with very little capital.  We have only just started February 2016, go on, take that plunge and become your own manager.  

If you do start one of these businesses, it would be nice to hear from you, do get in touch.


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