Since this is a plan, it means you can allow yourself to be flexible about it; if you ever had a career plan and feel it no long suits your lifestyle, you can change it; or if you never had a career plan, then you have the time to make one, in terms of what YOU really like and look at the best way of making it happĵen.

Remember in my last post, I said for you to categorise your desires into small chunks.  Well now, I am asking you to make a list of your strength, passion, talents and skills.  Its important that you do this and know where all your positives are.  If you don’t know your strengths, it will be difficult for you to map out a career you desire.

Now make your ideal work pattern list: (for example, did you used to work shift and hated it?); your desired salary, do you enjoy working on your own or in a team, (was your last job about being in a cubicle, pressing buttons and seeing no one?); or as you rose up the career ladder in your old job, did you loose the perks of being in the frontline and this was something you enjoy?  Would you be willing to work weekends or late evenings?

It’s now time to bring to the forefront the last list you made about your career desire, remember it? Now, try and match your career desire to your ideal work pattern list. Be flexible, as you do this.

What is the emerging trend…can you see careers waiting for you?  Would you have to re-train in order to get your ideal job?  What short courses or training are available in this job market?  Are there jobs in your ideal job list?

As you can see, there is more work to do and more to find out, set yourself an action plan goal.  Look at your list and write against each list what you need to do and when.  Be specific about when you need to accomplish this by.

You can have the career you want but it will not be smooth sailing; it will involve sacrifices on your part and the times ahead in rediscovering you will be adventurous. Are you ready?

Sacrifices involve risks and risks help you know your inner capabilities.

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