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Well if you still haven’t been able to start that new career, or that new business, then don’t throw in the towel.  I’m here to encourage you that it sometimes takes time to get things off the ground and to tell you not to give up.

One thing that I have learnt on this job hunting journey is that there is always an option and the option might involve some sacrifice but if you persevere, it will be worth it in the end.  Another thing I have learnt is speak to people, as there might be support available that you do not know of.

This new career path is not for the faint-hearted; you have to have drive for victory and it has to mean so much to you, that giving up on it is not an option.  And you have to have an inner conviction that cannot be shaken at the first sight of disappointment or failure.

Some people at the first sign of things not going their way will say that starting a new business is not for them and what were they thinking of to say they want to be a business owner.  They revert back to doing the 9-5 job that they hate and dislike.  Don’t forget that starting this new career or business will give you joy and that is worth striving for.

In order to succeed at starting a new career or a new business, you will have to have tenacity; you have to have a strong mind and be totally convinced and convicted that this is what you want to do because if you are unsure in your mind, circumstances around you will make you doubt what you say you want to do and also loved ones’ will tell you that what you are trying to start is not working and maybe you better go and register with employment agencies; that is their way of offering you advice, that you did not solicit for.  

Like I said in my title ‘do not settle for failure’.  What I actually mean is, you thinking that you are a failure all because you are not yet renting a business premises but instead, still working from home.  It takes time to get established and have contracts that will help pay for that dream premises that you want.  Or if you are still getting things done, because you had to go and re-train and now that you have finished the training or course, no job in sight, in the area that you want, keep searching and keep looking.  Maybe you could look for part-time work if nothing is showing up in the full-time work area or maybe you could look for voluntary work in the field you want to be in?.

Nowadays, there are various ways to get noticed, print business cards and hand them out; put adverts in your local paper or some local magazines.  Use the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat to your advantage or LinkedIn for free adverts, you only need to sign up.  With the raise of smartphones, there are a lot of opportunities for online advertising through such mediums, find out about them.

The power to succeed lies within you and you just have to keep at it and not give up.  Settling for failure is not an option, after you decided that you want to start a new career or you want to start your own business.  

Keep going, don’t give in to failure, pursue your happiness and give in to a new life.

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