I am talking about how you come across as you go for an interview and your 1st five minutes of the interview.  Will you nail it or not?  

Once you walk into the interview room, you are already being assessed and if they like who they see, then the remaining time of the interview is for your interviewers to confirm their assessment of you.

Is this fair?  No!  But that is what happens.   What can you do to make a great impression?

  • Dress smart
  • Research the company and the post you applied for
  • Be confident and don’t show your nervousness
  • As you talk about your skills, sell yourself by telling a good story
  • Look at your interviewers in the eye, without staring
  • Sit up
  • Practice your answers, look at my post on ‘interview questions’
  • Know your CV or resume
  • Talk about your transferable skills
  • Ask questions at the end.

Benjamin Spock: Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.

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