These questions have been set out to be difficult and helps the potential employer know that little bit more about you, as your response will not be scripted.  This will help the employer in deciding if you are able to deliver under pressure and work under pressure.  If you are able to master this new technique of ‘tricky questions’ or ‘curveball questions’ at an interview, success will be yours.

  1. How many traffic lights are there in London?  You are not expected to know the answer, but they want to see how you would sole a problem, as this relates to some calculation.  You could answer by saying you know how many lights are within a square mile and if using that as a basis, they you will be able to calculate the number of traffic lights in London, once you know the total square miles of London.
  2. They might put some random stuff on the table and ask you to make something out of it.  No matter how random those things are, make something and explain the logic behind what you made.
  3. How would you describe yourself in three words or how would your parents describe you or how would your friends describe you? This is when the write-up you did earlier on when you started job hunting about your skills, strengths and talents come into play.
  4. This company will be laying 100 people off in the next three months, how do you intend to go about it?  Your answer will show if you have empathy, as people going through redundancies are vulnerable.  What help can this company offer to help them before they stop work?
  5. What would make you a great leader in this company?  Again it is about selling yourself.
  6. Who do you detest and why?  You have to talk about someone you dislike and turn that dislike into something positive.
  7. How would you sell this pen and not this pencil to a potential buyer?  Again now its about you using your gift of sales to talk about the two items placed in front of you.
  8. What made your last job a challenging one?  Remember its about having something to say, talk about something negative and turn it around to a positive.
  9. In a battle between Robin Hood and Superman, who would win and why?  Talk about the attributes of these two heroes and remember only one can win.
  10. What is your favourite all time film and why?

What is most important is your ability to think on your feet.  Research they company that has called you for an interview very well.

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