I know that I have not been talking too much about you job hunting and all that however, I want this blog to be about all aspects regarding job hunting, how to look for work and your emotional state of mind.

I am now doing something that I love and ask myself why I waited this long.  To be honest with you the one word is ‘Procrastination’.  I knew what I wanted but I kept putting it off for such a long time because…to be frank I felt overwhelmed with emotions.

I know we all procrastinate once in a while and that is okay but if it affects your present and future, then you really need to raise above it, like I did.

I would tell myself that I will do it next or I will do it tomorrow or next week or the beginning of next month; I always knew what to say to myself and justify not doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Eventually, I had to be honest with my feelings and say to myself, ‘Tola YOU CAN DO IT!’ And I could!  Sometimes, there is no one in your corner to cheer you on and you have to be your own cheerleader. What worked for me, what helped was ‘willpower’.  I had to overcome my feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, cold feet, despair, dismay, fright, misgivings, scare, timidity, self-doubt, depression, sadness etc…

I had to raise above the negative feelings above and say to myself that a) if I don’t do this, then I might regret it; b) that I had the resolve in me to do it and c) that I owed it to myself to do it.

I had to keep looking at the outcome of my doing what I was supposed to be doing.  I equally read books on success, will power, starting my own business and I also listened to tapes on being a success.  I read books about people that I respect and their struggles, that really helped me.

I said to myself ‘Tola, if you need to do it afraid, do it afraid; take one step at a time and stop procrastinating; your future depends on it’.

Its time to move forward, its time to make it happen for yourself; no one can do it for you except you.

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