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As you know, I like to bring you inspirational stories of those who taken that bold step and started their own business, as it can only be something that will motivate and inspire all those of you out there.

‘When I was 18 months old I was diagnosed as coeliac.  It explained why I was constantly crying as a baby.  Back then, there were limited gluten-free foods on the market.  My parents had to find a way to feed me, but luckily they were great cooks.  It wasn’t long before most of my friends wanted the homemade gluten-free pizza I was eating, rather than the shop bought ones they were given.’

Then in 2007 , Lucy’s family were introduced to coconut oil through a friend in Hong Kong, who gave them a  jar together with a copy of The Coconut Oil Miracle by nutritionist and naturopath, Dr Bruce Fife, a man who swears by its health benefit.

‘We became obsessed by the stuff, cooking everything with it and using it topically on our skin, and so we decided to develop our own range.’

Lucy Bee is essentially a family run business with just 11 people in the office.   ‘Recently we’ve extended the product range – our maca and lucuma from Peru are fair trade, as are our turmeric and cinnamon from India.’

As the ‘face’ of the brand, Lucy takes pride in engaging with customers and cites social media as the reason for Lucy Bee’s success.

‘The personal touch makes a big difference – people want to feel connected to a brand.  If you’re looking to launch a product range, I would say even if you can’t be fair trade, there are still ways to support local communities.

If you benefit from the beautiful products, its only fair right you give something back.’

By Sophie Scott and David Crozier in September 2016 edition Balance Media magazine.

This story is so inspiring; there are many coconut oils out there.  Here’s one borne from a personal and ethical place and so if you are thinking of starting something, don’t delay any longer.  Take that bold first step towards becoming your own boss and  an entrepreneur.

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